“We are such stuff as dreams are made on …” W. Shakespeare

The Big Idea
Globunity is an innovative worldwide phenomenon for the creation and consumption of art and entertainment, which combines social media, e-commerce, and online education with real life artistic events. It consists of two elements: Globunity Digital and Globunity Event, which combine into the planet of creativity.

Globunity Event
Globunity also produces an annual event, which recognizes and rewards extraordinary artists, selected through an online contest on Globunity Digital. For its first edition the Event will bring the selected young artists together, for a month, in Florence, Italy, where they will learn from masters, create a musical directed by a renowned Maestro, and grow their knowledge and art through the synergy of each other’s talent.

This is the first time that an online platform will have a large annual event. This will be host every year in a different country in order to reach as many artists, and spread art and creativity in all their shapes and forms. As the platform grows, the event will grow and as the event grows, the platform will grow. This synergy will expand the planet of creativity.

The Concept Behind the Idea
Every human creation begins with a thought. From the simple creation of a table to the inspiring one of a masterpiece… it all begins in the mind. Creativity is the food of the mind; the dream is its motivation. The union of the two stimulates evolution, and its ultimate goal is freedom. Globunity aims to motivate those talented and passionate artists to create a profession while nourishing their love of the art. As Kofi Annan said: “Without a dream you’ll not get anywhere”. Creativity and art stimulate the artists to follow their dreams. This symposium of different ideas, generated by different cultures, will create a prolific ground for an explosion of creativity.

The Mission
Einstein said: “Imagination is more important than knowledge. For knowledge is limited, whereas imagination embraces the entire world, stimulating progress, giving birth to evolution”. Globunity believes that artists collectively can inspire that social shift, and be responsible for the cultural, political, and financial rebirth of human life.

The event’s mission is to reignite the most important human resource of all, creativity, for the purpose of reactivating progress and evolution; without creativity mankind is destined to forever repeating the same patterns. Globunity Event trusts that this must be achieved through the coalition of the best creative minds, sharing their artistic experiences and cultural backgrounds with the young and engaging minds of the artists, truly a network of knowledge. Its goal therefore, is to create a new platform, where experiences transcending the artist’s individuality, mutate into energy that propels the change of consciousness and social transformation.

The Master Classes
Internationally renowned maestros of the seven arts transfer their distinguished and unique knowledge, through conferences and workshops, to the selected group of young artists. This yearly initiative will give artists the opportunity to interact, and to learn the different aspects of each specific art, by exposing them to various professional approaches and techniques. This cultural experience aims to inspire the artists in their personal life, and their future profession, giving them the option, and the privilege to contribute to the cultural evolution, and assets of their respective countries of origin. This will create a personal relationship, and potential synergies between artists and maestros. The resulting network of knowledge will determine a constant exchange and interaction between the most brilliant minds of the maestros, and the young and absorbing minds of the artists.  “People investing in people

The Musical
The Globunity Event will come to a close with the performance of a musical, directed by an acclaimed international director, who will be working with the artists for the full length of the 30-day course, and will assign them different roles, all interacting with the seven arts. The artists, for their part, will enrich the musical through the contribution of their cultural background. The uniqueness of this musical lies in the full participation of the artists in all the aspects of the production. This interdisciplinary experience will enrich the artists by creating an environment that stimulates artistic exchanges and cooperation, both between the artists and the director. Globunity’s focus on creativity therefore, translates into a practical real life experience, which the artists will treasure, and apply back in their country of origin.

Selection Process
One year before the beginning of Globunity Event, scheduled for June 2015, in Florence, Italy, Globunity Digital will launch an online contest addressed to young people (18 to 30) from all parts of the world. The participants will be able to submit their applications, which will consist of a video of up to 60 seconds, where they will describe the idea of a creative project, with a strong social message they would like to realize. A Globunity Digital jury of experts will choose the top 100 projects and will bring the artists to Florence.
During the conclusion of the event Globunity’s representatives, will announce the three projects winners of the contest. Rating of the projects will be based upon the following criteria: Project ranked best by the sponsors; most voted by the Internet community; and ranked best by Globunity’s board of directors. The winning projects will be realized before the next edition on Globunity, in June 2016.

International Maestros
For each one of the seven arts there will be an average of three internationally recognized artists, who will attend Globunity Event for a period of 2 to 3 days. Each day a conference will take place, where the maestros will participate as speakers, exploring the interconnection between their specific professions. The conferences will be streamed live on Globunity Digital, thus reaching millions of artists from all over the world. All Globunity Event artists will attend these conferences, in order to gain a general vision of the seven arts, their interconnectivity and synergies. Having renowned maestros will guarantee the quality level of the conferences, while showing real life examples of successful professionals to the artists. Of extraordinary importance will be the fact that the artists will have an opportunity to create a direct relationship with the speakers, and the ability to exchange with them thoughts and opinions.

Honorary Committee
An honorary committee will entail individuals who provided outstanding support to Globunity Event. The committee will play a very important role in involving the key maestros into the project, and in supporting Globunity Event in every cultural aspect.

Inspirational Speakers
During weekends there will be conferences, where the artists will have the exceptional opportunity to participate in a conference held by internationally recognized inspirational speakers. This will be of extreme importance to inspire the artists in their life, as well as in their way of thinking.

The Seven Arts
The seven arts will be the traditional ones with the addition of Fashion; however the approach will be contemporary and international:

  1. Architecture (Design)
  2. Music
  3. Painting (Sculpture, Visual Arts)
  4. Fashion
  5. Poetry (Literature)
  6. Dancing
  7. Cinema (Theater)

Why Florence
Florence is considered the cradle of the Italian art. It all begun around the fourteenth-century when the Medici family, especially, with Lorenzo dei Medici, known as “Il Magnifico”, decided to invest in the various aspects of the arts. This created the Renaissance, which literally means the rebirth. Florence, with its world-renowned artists, thinkers, and scholars benefited, both spiritually and economically, from these great social changes. The city became the catalyst of that stream of consciousness and thought, evolving into one of the most important centers of rebirth of the world culture. The choice of Florence is connected to the history of the Renaissance, which will be a symbol and an inspiration for Globunity.

Time Frame       
will take place in Florence in June 2015.        

Globunity values its sponsors as partners, encouraged to provide their input, and take an active role, participating and cooperating in this cultural experience. Globunity Event will inspire its partners’ creativity, and the cooperation will, at the same time, enhance the content, and expand the audience, specifically the Globunity Digital audience. The partners will have an extraordinary and outstanding visibility in all of Globunity Event’s activities, from the press conferences (estimated 8 press conferences) to any publicity material, in addition to the global exposure through the Internet.

Documentary – Reality Show
The entire project of Globunity Event will be filmed and edited in order to create a visual document of this cultural happening. Some of the artists will be selected, and their lifestyle filmed before and after their participation in the Globunity Event project. We will document the results of this major experience in their life. All the filmed materials will be edited in the form of a documentary/reality show and will be sold to the major TV networks.

*    *    *