The logo

“In a worldly body admirable beauty arises from a joining of things of such different and opposite nature, that once they become friends, give birth to a large animal. And if comparing big things to small ones is allowed, the world is similar to a man”.

Francesco Cattani da Diacceto (Firenze 1466-1522)

Globunity’s violet and red carmine logo conveys the generative force of the fusion of two human bodies embracing in an act of love. Both already nestled into each other’s heart, by virtue of a spiritual eroticism and with an ascending movement, to the point of defining a cerebral sphere where a flying dove seems to float. The ascending dynamic, a torchon of matter and soul, refers to the mystery of Michelangelo Buonarroti’s ‘I Prigioni’ – the marble group partly preserved in the Louvre Museum, and partly in the Florentine Academy – to the typically humanistic and renaissance enigma of the tragedy of human bodies’ released from the slavery of matter. The reduction of the human body to a trunk, depriving it of its legs as means of locomotion, forces us, by virtue of a simple anatomic subtraction, to concentrate our attention on the three main elements: bust, heart and head. The depiction of the bust and the head allows an immediate visual interpretation.
The third element, the heart, can be perceived in a subliminal vision through the red carmine curvilinear line which lets one associate it with the blood circulation. The carnal passion surrenders to the ideal inspiration, to the project idea symbolized by the dove’s purity with its spreading wings which appear to allude to the continents’ borders. The sphere, represented by the two heads forever fused, refers to Love’s eternity as a way to transcend individuality and identification in a superior dimension of truth and justice, a dimension Humanity hopes and aspire to reach.

Prof. Rosario Salamone

Logo designed by Guillermo Mariotto for Globunity