Modern man, with his cultural and sentimental raids, nowadays exhibits a deeply chaotic level of the Self.

The arts and the doctrines of soul searching, both psychoanalytic and artistic, have inflated the size of the human ego to the point of turning it into a masterpiece of neurosis and selfishness. Man is so deeply absorbed into himself, to develop mole’s eyes, and tachycardic heart.

Paraphrasing Dante, we might say that “tanto s’imbuia quanto piú s’inluia” (the more one descends into his spiritual cave, the more one centers within himself the quest for the meaning of a life which dismisses any real relationship).

Raising your eyes, seeing the light, recognizing the expression of Others, experiencing a rebirth of senses and reason, appears to be reserved just to an elite of men, solitary and conscious. The love and the study of the Renaissance, of the creative and expressive wonder it represented, seems to be sealed within a historical period, to be venerated as a relic, and not lived like a possible present.

Globunity is the brainchild of Chiara Tilesi.  Its mission is to create humanitarian and cultural experiences, able to rethink and modernize the teachings passed down to us by the Renaissance. This is achieved through the cooperation and enthusiasm of contemporary women and men.

WeRenaissance. As creatures of our time, we can escape the darkness of our egotism. Recognize how creativity, and the ability to draw a path of inner development open to solidarity and the regenerative value of the arts, can turn young people – from different backgrounds – into masters of their own personal redemption and becoming the seeds of progress. Humanity and civilization, united by the will and talent that everyone can express, can and should visualize crucial and educational experiences, available to those who live a constant deprivation of evolutionary possibilities.

The Renaissance was an extraordinary lab for masters and reversal of perceptions; Globunity believes that this model can be resurrected.

WeRenaissance, a gamble and a challenge for the present. Experience time and history with ones feet firmly planted on the ground and head free in the sky of fullness and spiritual rigor. The active involvement of international organizations, writers and artists, patrons, people who love life to the fullest is an indispensable condition for the realization of the project. The Renaissance was born in Florence, and that’s where we want to return, to live together the first stage of our gamble.

               Prof. Rosario Salamone